Life Mounts was born from a desire to create unique products that are as versatile and reliable as the people who use them. We all have a story to tell; here’s ours.

Like many young couples, after our first child was born, we faced many new challenges and looked for simple, effective solutions. Like how about a powerful, adaptable and affordable lighting product to help maintain our active lives? We had an idea that we thought could work for lots of purposes, and it led us to develop the first Life Mounts flashlight mount in our garage. This item soon became a necessity not only for us, but also for our friends and our family. It didn’t take long for us to figure out that our Life Mounts creations could help others stay active, healthy and safe, too.

It was important to us to establish a company based on reliability, integrity and human kindness. To this day, Life Mounts is solely owned and operated by our family. We design, test, manufacture and sell every single one of our products, with the main intention of improving our customers’ lives.

Thank you for your interest in Life Mounts products. We hope to light up your day – and night!

Christoph & Kristin